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The Presidential Election will happen on Thursday October 27th 2011.

Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Martin McGuinness Gay Mitchell David Norris
Martin Mc Guinness Michael D. Higgins David Norris
Dana Rosemary Scallon
Dana Rosemary Scallon


General Election Friday February 25th 2011.

How many of these 2011 general election candidates can you name?

Mark Collins, Green Party, Cork North-WestHumphrey Murphy, Green Party, Donegal North-EastOlwyn O'Malley, Green Party, Tipperary NorthJason Turner, Sinn Fein, Kildare SouthJoe Higgins, Socialist Party, Dublin WestJohn Bracken, Independent, Laois-Offaly
Bobby Aylward, Fianna Fáil, Carlow-KilkennyFiona Irwin, Green Party, Meath WestNoel Coonan, Fine Gael, Tipperary NorthDamien English, Fine Gael, Meath WestPaul King, Independent, Dublin South-CentralJimmy Guerin, Independent, Dublin North-East
Eamon Ryan, Green Party, Dublin SouthPaul Hogan, Sinn Féin, Longford-WestmeathMary A. White, Green Party, Carlow-KilkennyJohn Whelan, Labour, Laois-OffalyPeadar Tóibín, Sinn Fein, Meath WestKate Bopp, Independent, Tipperary North
Thomas Byrne, Fianna Fáil, Meath EastMichael Moynihan, Fianna Fáil, Cork North-WestMichael Lowry, Independent, Tipperary NorthMichael Kennedy, Fianna Fáil, Dublin NorthWilliie Penrose, The Labour Party, Longford-WestmeathLeo Varadkar, Fine Gael, Dublin West
Pat Burton, Fine Gael, Cork North-CentralRobert Troy, Fianna Fáil, Longford-WestmeathMary Moran, Labour, LouthHildegarde Naughton, Fine Gael, Galway WestKevin Conway, Independent, Cork North-CentralJohn Cassin, Sinn Fein, Carlow-Kilkenny

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