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The Presidential Election will happen on Thursday October 27th 2011.

Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Martin McGuinness Gay Mitchell David Norris
Martin Mc Guinness Michael D. Higgins David Norris
Dana Rosemary Scallon
Dana Rosemary Scallon


General Election Friday February 25th 2011.

How many of these 2011 general election candidates can you name?

Dick Cahill, Independent, Sligo-North LeitrimHumphrey Murphy, Green Party, Donegal North-EastTony McLoughlin, Fine Gael, Sligo-North LeitrimSean Sherlock, labour, Cork EastTony Mulcahy, Fine Gael, ClareAveril Power, Fianna Fáil, Dublin North-East
Edward 'Eric' Isherwood, Independent, Cork South-CentralMarcella Corcoran Kennedy, Fine Gael, Laois-OffalyBrian Hayes, Fine Gael, Dublin South-WestChristy Burke, Independent, Dublin CentralKevin Murphy, Fine Gael, Cork South-WestClement Esebamen, Independent, Dublin West
Michael Gleeson, Independent, Kerry SouthBrendan Griffin, Fine Gael, Kerry SouthBrendan Howlin, Labour, WexfordRuadhán Mac Aodháin, Sinn Fein, Dublin South-EastCyprian Brady, Fianna Fáil, Dublin CentralÁine Collins, Fine Gael, Cork North-West
Sean Barrett, Fine Gael, Dún LaoghaireColm Keaveney, Labour, Galway EastJohnny Gogan, Green Party, Sligo-North LeitrimThomas Clarke, Independent, WicklowAine Clancy, Labour, Dublin CentralKathleen Funchion, Sinn Féin, Carlow-Kilkenny
Donal Kiernan, Independent, WicklowSean Dunphy, Independent, Cork South-CentralLoretta Clark, Independent, MayoSeamus Treanor, Independent, Cavan-MonaghanConal Kavanagh, Labour, WicklowSeamus Sherlock, Independent, Limerick

Use the menus on the left to find out about the upcoming election and the current Dail (30th):

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  • Who are the TDs in each party?
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  • Who are the women candidates?
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  • Which party has the greatest percentage of women TDs?

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